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We want to help you understand how your body works, how it relates to its environment, feels and thinks. You don’t need to know it all. You just need to know enough.  Because each of us is different, we will teach you the basics and add a personalization component to all of our programs. 

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Dr. Tammy Gutierrez (Dr. G)

  • Board Certified Family Physician
  • M.D. Case Western School of Medicine
  • Functional Medicine, IFM
  • Mom, Wife, Cancer survivor

Gloria Treister, HHP (Coach G)

  • Founder of Wellness Evolution
  • Author of “Wellness 101® A Guide to Healthy Living”
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Coach
  • Supplement Advisor
  • Certified Executive and Business Coach 
  • Wife, Mom, Grandmother

After years of conventional Family Practice and a personal cancer journey, Dr. Tammy Gutierrez (Dr. G), a Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor, recognized that the true path to wellness is not something that comes from a prescription pad.  She took advanced training in Functional Medicine and embarked on a journey to empower patients to understand why they were sick and how to get better, not just cover up the symptoms. 
Dr. G loves helping people one-on-one and now, in order to reach more people in need of this information, she has partnered with award-winning health coach Gloria Treister to bring this information to people everywhere.


Founder of Wellness Evolution and Author of “Wellness 101® A Guide to Healthy Living,” Gloria Treister, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Coach (HHP), empowers people with wellness. Through educational opportunities, consulting and coaching, Gloria teaches people how to move forward with the confidence they need to lead a healthier, happier life. She enjoys working with people to achieve optimal, not just adequate, health and wellbeing. She provides professional guidance in selecting and purchasing the highest-quality, reliably sourced, nutritional supplements at a good price and coaches businesses and individuals in their quest to get and stay well. She is a US Ambassador for Global Wellness Day and serves as a member of the Wellness at Work Initiative for the Global Wellness Institute.  

Together Dr. G and Coach Gloria use their considerable experience and training to help you unlock the mysteries of your health and empower you to find the right path forward.