Functional Medicine Concepts 101 Series

Expert health advice that won't break the bank.

Knowledge is Power: Learn to see your health challenges through the lens of Functional medicine to discover the root causes for your specific health problems.

Empowerment, not overwhelm:  Learn in focused, "bite-sized” classes, using your own history, labs, and biometrics.  This way you end each class with a clear understanding of the problem and your possible solutions. 

FORMAT: Two 1-Hour Online Workshops over 2 days to help you budget your time as well.  


 Current Workshops:  

  • April 12-13, 2024 - 12p-1p EST

    Cardiovascular/Metabolic 101: 

     Putting the Pieces Together.  


Future workshops include:  

  • Hormones 101 -Unlock Hormonal Harmony!  Dive into the vital world of hormones. Discover balance, mood enhancement, and well-being. Transform your life today! 
  • Energy 101 - Beat the Fatigue. What Kind of Tired are You? 

    End the Tiredness Cycle! Find out why you’re tired and how to recharge. This game-changing session is your key to boundless energy. Join now and start to revitalize! 

  • Inflammation 101 - Understanding the Root Causes of Pain and inflammation. Combat Pain at Its Root!
    Learn the secrets to taming inflammation and unlocking a pain-free life. Don’t wait—start your journey to comfort today!
  • Focus 101 - What does it mean when the brain is not working as it used to? Sharpen Your Mind! Discover how to boost brain health and clear mental fog. Unlock your cognitive potential.
    Secure your spot for peak brain performance! 
  • Allergies 101 -Allergies Decoded! How they develop, what they are and what can be done about them. Understand, manage, and overcome allergies. This masterclass is your blueprint to breathing easier, better digestion, and living optimally.
    Act now for freedom from allergies!

April 12 and 13, 2024

12pm-1pm EST 

At this workshop we will guide you through a full Functional Medicine cardiometabolic risk assessment using YOUR data.  This includes:

  •  Personal medical history

  •  Current symptoms and physical signs,

  •  Family history

  •  Lifestyle assessment

  •  Biometrics

  •  Basic labs you probably have had done already

At the end of the workshop you will understand not just what your numbers are, but what they MEAN for YOU, so that you can make the best decisions about the next steps in your health journey. 

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